Whenever we have a deep need for something, that can help people make a lot of money. For example, in the health industry, some hospitals make a lot of money.


In the disaster industry, bunkers make a lot of money – take a look at sites like Bunker Network or Terra Vivos.


In the car sales industry, the market leader autotrader.com makes around £50 a listing.


When there is a deep need for something, or a lot is at stake, big money can be made.


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In business, you need to be able to sell yourself. Just like if you were running a personal fund raising campaign, you need others to like you and believe in what you stand for.


When you attend a business meeting, others will instantly make judgement call on you within seconds. They’ll judge how you walk, your subtle body language, how you talk (more than what you say!), what you’re wearing, your hair, and more. Pay attention to all these details and tailor it to the kind of meeting that you’re having.


Furthermore, practice! Practice with peers. Practice will also come from experience with these types of meetings. Whether you’re getting ready for a topnotch stock market grilling or a a hair and beauty interview – you need to sell yourself through more than what you just say.

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One of the fundamental aspects of business analysis is SWOT analysis. The key aspect of analysis that I find useful to begin with is to assess the weaknesses of your company.

Look at every part of your business including:


  • Customer service
  • Product / service creation
  • Delivery times
  • All costs and expenses
  • Employee hierarchy and performance
  • Revenue and profit margins


The above should get you an excellent foundation to start your company analysis. Only then should you look at the strengths, opportunities and threats.

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